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T-­Guide: Tourist Guides for People with Intellectual and Learning Difficulties in Europe

The aim is to produce an EU training model and Manual for training Tourist Guides in guiding people who have learning difficulties or other intellectual impairments.


Lifelong learning

Every winter the Tourist Guides Association „Dubrovnik“ organises a cycle of lectures, seminars and/or excursions with the goal of improving guides knowledge and skills on various topics.



    Useful information for Tourist Guides

    Tourist guides with the establishment in the EU have the right to free establishment and free provision of services in Croatia under the same conditions that prevail in the EU.
    Cross-­‐border provision of services is provision of services either on temporary or permanent basis on the territory of another Member State (MS) without establishment in the related MS (provided that a service provider is established in another MS).
    The difference between temporary and permanent provision of services is assessed on individual basis by each MS depending on particular circumstances of the individual case.

    If you are a citizen from a country outside the EU/EEA according to our legislation you cannot work as a tourist guide in Croatia.
    For more information about your situation, please contact: Point of single contact psc.hgk.hr

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