The Association was awarded with two prizes for its work and contribution in tourism:
- in 1985 by the Economy Chamber of Dalmatia
- in 2003 by the Croatian Tourist Board.
Our members received 4 times the individual annual prize in the category ”Man – key to success in tourism – the best tourist guide in Croatia”.
Let these acknowledgments be the foundation and the encouragement to all of us as to create a new tradition and to remind of the quality provided by our tourist guides.


How to hire a guide?

Tourist Guides’Association“Dubrovnik“ does not distribute tours to its members. We invite you to take look at our list of guides where you can find all the necessary information about our members....

When to hire a guide?

A tourist guide is a person characterized by his/her openness enthusiasm and the love for the heritage they interpret....

T-­Guide: Tourist Guides for People with Intellectual and Learning Difficulties in Europe

The aim is to produce an EU training model and Manual for training Tourist Guides in guiding people who have learning difficulties or other intellectual impairments.